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Common Faults of Flanges



In the continual production of the modern industry, it is common that flanges have some problems. For example, leakage, due to various influencing factors such as corrosion of media, erosion, temperature, pressure, vibration, etc.


Causes including the processing error in the sealing surfaces' size of flanges, the aging of the sealing components and improper installation will easily lead to the occurrence of leakage.


If the leakage problem can not be solved timely, it will further bring other problems such as the expansion of leakage under the erosion effects of media, the loss of materials, the destruction of the production environment, the downtime of enterprises and huge economic losses. If the media are toxic, harmful, flammable or explosive, they may cause the poisoning of the personnel, fire and other major accidents.


How can we solve the flanges’ leakage? The traditional way of solving the flanges' leakage is to replace the sealing elements, apply the sealant or replace the flanges and pipes, but this method has great limitations.


Some working environments where the leakage happens have safety requirements. It is impossible for the personnel to solve the problem on-site. Now, we can use polymer composite materials for on-site plugging. The first line is one of the maturest materials in the application and it can be used under inflammable or explosive medium conditions, which shows its unique advantages. The polymer composite has simple construction technology and low cost. It can help solve most leakage problems of flanges, eliminate security risks and save much maintenance costs for enterprises.



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