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Different Kinds of Rebar Splice For Rebar Connection



Today, we are going to discuss different kinds of rebar splice. Below we will make a brief introduction about these rebar couplers.


Parallel Thread Standard Splice

Using parallel thread standard splice, the bar ends will be easily connected by bar rotation until full thread engagement. And it has advantages of No Thread Mis-match Risk, No cross-threading risk.


Adding Length Splice

Using an ADTO standard coupler when both bars can’t be rotated. The coupler can be fully engaged onto the extended thread of the connecting bar. The assembly could be simply completed by butting the end of the bars to end and screwing back the coupler onto the first bar until full engagement.


Bridging Splice

ADTO bridging splice is the method to solve the problem when the end of the reinforcing bar can’t be closed (such as the situation happened during producing rebar cage). Two ends of the bar are threaded to the standard length, then a (bridging connection equipment) is used to connect two reinforcing bars.


Reducing Connection

In most situations, when connecting two bars with different diameters, we can reduce the rebar size with a big diameter, then use a standard coupler to connect it. But now, we recommend using a special reducing coupler to avoid the difficult task of planning in advance the need for reducing couplers.


Terminal Connection

It is a convenient alternative to hooked bars to provide end anchorages in congested areas. ADTO standard anchorage heads are circular and have a net bearing area of 4 times or 9 times the cross-section of the bar.


Weldable Couplers

For composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel, use ADTO weldable couplers, which are specially made from low carbon steel and which have a large chamfer for bevel welding.


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