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The Advantage and Manufacturing Process of Thread Rebar Splicing Coupler



1. The Advantage of Thread Rebar Splicing Coupler


#1 No reducing of rebar cross-sectional area

#2 Pass elongation test

#3 Easy installation, no need torch wrench.

#4 One coupler can meet all connection requirement

#5 Manufactured under ISO 9001 standard and same strict quality guarantee. Tested by the third party.

#6 Full traceability of raw material and production batch.

#7 Tested under several cyclic situations

#8 No bar conjunction problem happens.

#9 No large quantity of bars required.



2. Three Steps to Manufacture Thread Rebar Splicing Coupler


#1 Cutting

one end of reinforcing bar is cutting sawn square

#2 Cold forging

The sawn end of rebar is enlarged by a patented cold forging machine, the core diameter of the bar is increased to a pre-determined diameter.

#3 Threading

At last, make a thread at the end of the bar which has been enlarged.



3. Comparison of Upset Forging Technique


#1 Left one is parent rebar, the right one is bar cross-sectional area after cold forging

#2 Left one is the cross-sectional area of the parent bar. Right one is the rebar thread cross-sectional area after cold forging, which is larger or equal to parent bar.

#3 Upset forging the end of the bar plays the role of a mechanical extrusion, so the molecular structure is tighter, strength surpass the parent bar, increases the strength value in the tensile.

#4 The thread cross-section area after cold forging is not less than the parent bar, the area with thrust surface is larger or equal to the parent bar during the tensile test, so the strength of larger than parent bar.

#5 Upset forging parallel thread connection is the best-accepted connection way in the world, also the highest quality connection technology in rebar mechanical splicing, 100% higher than 1.1 to 1.3 times of parent rebar, bear the ultimate test 100% break on the bar outside coupler.



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