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The Growing Demands on Plastic Formwork in Next Decade



As the UN estimates 3 billion housing units needed by 2030, there will be a growing need for mass housing. The future of residential construction is marked by a rapidly growing demand for cost-effective, simple housing in developing and emerging countries, estimated to reach 3 billion housing units by 2030. This immense construction calls for innovative solutions and motivated ADTO GROUP to increase awareness of its cellular light-weight concrete plastic formwork solutions.


This kind of plastic concrete formwork enables small housing units to be erected quickly and in great numbers. It needs to compacting and has a favorable insulating effect. This is advantageous for mass housing in regions with hot climates. A formwork partner was called for whose products fulfill a range of special requirements.


Traditional filmed faced plywood facing proved unsuitable because of its strong absorptive behavior, which has a negative effect when plastic concrete formwork is pumped in at great speed. The choice fell on ADTO Plastic Formwork with its all-plastic facing alks. In its capacity as a light-weight, handset system that can be set up entirely without a crane and handles wall pours to room height in one go, it was the ADTO that passed the live tests with flying colors. 


We ADTO GROUP is a professional plastic formwork supplier based in China. For the high quality and durable plastic formwork, please feel free to contact us.


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