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What Advantages Does Galvanized Scaffolding Planks Have?



Best performance of safety

The traditional wooden scaffolding plank is easy to crack, corrosion, easy to burn and has safety hazards. The angle steel mesh board is easy to rust and fall off. While galvanized scaffolding plank manufactured by ADTOMALL is provided with arranged convex holes. High anti-skid coefficient, good effect, safe and guaranteed.


Easy and convenient for use

For the scaffolding plank of the same specification, wooden scaffolding’s weight is 1.5-2 times the weight of steel scaffolding plank. Wooden scaffolding plank absorbs water when it’s raining, it will be heavier and more sliding, easy to cause accidents. When erecting the scaffolding plank, the wooden scaffolding plank needs 2 workers to carry, while the galvanized scaffolding plank manufactured by ADTO GROUP is much lighter than a wooden scaffolding plank. One worker can carry 2 to 4 galvanized steel scaffolding plank, which highly improves the construction efficiency.


Longer service life

Because of the thermal expansion and contraction, the wooden scaffolding plank will deform after 3 to 5 times use, which causes a hazard to the safety using the scaffolding system. While galvanized steel scaffolding plank has the merits of high strength, anti-corrode, hard to deform, long service life, and low average using cost.


Easy Management

As the wooden scaffolding plank and steel mesh scaffolding plank have so many shortcomings, and they are disarrangement on the construction site, which is a challenge for the construction party. 



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