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Three Advantages of American Scaffolding Couplers



American scaffolding couplers are the essential components which used to connect the scaffolding tubes in erection of American scaffolding system. American scaffolding couplers are also one type of steel scaffolding couplers. What are the advantages of American scaffolding couplers? Below we ADTO GROUP will have a further discussion.


As we all know that the quality of scaffolding couplers is directly related to the safety of working platform. Therefore, the scaffolding’s quality used to erect American scaffolding must up to the standard. American scaffolding couplers are scaffolding couplers meeting with international standard. Its quality has been guaranteed. American scaffolding couplers have the following advantages:


1. Safe and reliable.

Considering the spiral friction force and self-gravity of upper bowl button which makes the joint have reliable self-locking ability, we designed the special joint of American scaffolding couplers. The load acting on the cross bar is passed to the vertical bar through the lower bowl button, and the lower bowl button has strong anti-shear strength (maximum 199kN).


2. Multifunction.

American scaffolding couplers can be assembled to some multifunctional construction equipment according to specific construction requirements. Such as single or double scaffolding system, supporting frame, supporting pillar, Material hoist, climbing scaffolding system, cantilever frame.etc.  American scaffolding couplers can also use to erect construction shed, material shed, light house. Particularly suitable for erection of scaffolding and heavy support frame surfaces.


3. High efficiency.

The longest rod piece we common used is 3130mm long and weighs 17.07kg. The whole scaffolding frame can be assembled and dismantled 3 to 5 times faster than the conventional one. It is quick and labor-saving. The worker can finish all the work with a hammer, avoiding the inconvenience of bolt operation.



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