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Do You Know the Components of Ringlock Scaffolding?



Ringlock scaffolding, always known as wheel scaffolding, is a new kind of scaffolding supporting system. Compared to tubular scaffolding system, ADTO ringlock scaffolding has less parts. Ringlock scaffolding is more advanced than the cuplock scaffolding, more convenient to disassemble and assemble and more stable and secure. And its disassembly convenience and lap quality are incomparable to other traditional steel pipe scaffolds. It is understood that the construction speed of ringlock scaffold is 8-10 times that of the tubular scaffold and 2-4 times that of the cuplock scaffold, which shows the superiority of ringlock scaffold. This is why the ringlock scaffolding is widely used all over the world. But do you know the main components of ringlock scaffolding? Below we will have a look together.


The main components of ADTO ringlock scaffolding including M48/M60 spigot, ledger, standard, vertical diagonal brace, level diagonal brace, base collar, triangle bracket, heavy truss, reinforced ledger, intermediate transom.etc. ADTO ringlock scaffolding is widely used in bridge project, tunnel project, factory construction, elevated water tower construction, power station construction, oil refinery construction and support design for special plant. Also suitable for cross street overpass, span scaffolding, storage shelves, chimneys, water towers and indoor and outdoor decoration, stage construction and other projects.


Ringlock scaffolding, its basic structure and special parts can make the scaffolding system applicable to a variety of building structure. The characteristics of relatively less scaffolding components and not need for scaffolding couplers can effectively solve the problems of the traditional scaffolding’s parts easy to damage and lost, saving the cost of purchasing fasteners. And the ringlock scaffolding has a good stability and strong bearing capacity, which greatly improving the safety of construction. 



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