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Something You Don’t Know About Frame Scaffolding



Frame scaffolding is one of the most widely used scaffolds in construction. This kind of scaffold is mainly composed of mainframe, transverse frame, cross diagonal brace, scaffolding planks, adjustable base jack and so on.



Features of frame scaffolding


1. Wide applications, indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboards, Bridges, building support, wall scaffolding and so on.

2. Multifunction. It can be used singly and doubly. Mobile Frame Scaffolding, simple and quick to use.

3. High efficiency, flexible, quick disassembly, no screws, achieved twice the efficiency with half the effort.

4. Large bearing capacity and good stability.

5. Safe and reliable, the joint self - locking ability is good, series standardization.

6. Easy to manage and tidy.

7. Economical and practical, low cost, small space, long use time.



Multipurpose use


1. Used for building, hall, bridge, viaduct, tunnel and other formwork inside the roof or as flying mode support mainframe.

2. To provide interior and exterior grid scaffolding for high-rise buildings.

3. Mobile work platform for mechanical and electrical installation, hull repair and other decoration work.

4. The use of scaffolding with a simple roof frame, can form a temporary site dormitory, warehouse or shed.

5. Used for temporary viewing stands and stands.


Convenient installation and dismantlement


1. The average worker is a free hand to insert, cover, hang can arbitrarily carry on six kinds of build.

2. The maximum weight of a single piece is not more than 20 kg, so it is easy to lift, assemble and disassemble and transport. Co-effect high installation and disassembly only freehand, greatly improve the efficiency, scaffold installation and disassembly than fastener steel pipe frame faster than 1/2 time, than bamboo scaffolding faster than 2/3 time.


Safe and reliable


1. The overall performance is good: equipped with foot pedal, parallel frame, wall fastening tube, horizontal and cross tie rod tube and other lock devices.

2. Reasonable acting force: the vertical pressure is directly borne by the vertical pipe, and the performance indexes meet the construction needs.

3. Good fire-proof performance, all mainframe, and accessories are steel products.


Cheap and practical


1. According to the user and domestic and foreign data reflect, if scaffold maintenance, can be reused for more than 30 times, the bamboo frame is not comparable.

2. Scaffold use per unit area weightless 50% than the tubular scaffolding, each dismantling cost is 1/2 of the steel tube frame, is 1/3 of the bamboo frame, work efficiency and benefit is significant and the higher the building the better.



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