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Do You Know What is Rebar Connecting System?



#1 Definition of Rebar Connecting System


The rebar connecting system is referred to as the method by which the force in one reinforcement bar is transferred to another through the mechanical bite of the connector or the bearing action of the end surface of the reinforcement bar. This kind of connection method has been developed in the recent 10 years in China.



#2 Advantages of Rebar Connecting System


1) The joints’ quality is stable and reliable;

2) Not affected by the chemical composition of steel reinforcement;

3) The influence of human factors is also small, easy to operate;

4) The construction speed is fast, and is not affected by climatic conditions;

5) No pollution, no fire hazard, construction safety, etc.

6) In the connection of thick diameter steel bars, the mechanical connection of steel bars has a broad development prospect.



#3 Classification of Rebar Connecting System


There are many kinds of mechanical connections to steel bars. According to the types of mechanical connections of steel bars, they can be divided into straight thread sleeve, taper thread sleeve, and extruding sleeve. Among them, the most widely used straight thread sleeve can be divided into pier thick straight thread sleeve, ribbed stripping, and rolling straight thread sleeve and direct rolling straight thread sleeve.


1) Straight thread sleeve: The inner hole is a straight threaded sleeve;

2) Taper thread sleeve: The inner hole which can be connected with the reinforcing steel cone thread is a threaded sleeve of the cone thread;

3) Extruding socket: The inner hole is a light hole used in the sleeve for extruded connection of ribbed reinforcement.



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