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Storage Requirements on Galvanized Steel Coil



When storing galvanized steel coil, special attention needs to be paid to the prevention of white rust on the surface of the zinc coating. As we know that white rust will not only affect its appearance but also decrease the zinc coating layer, causing the deterioration of product quality. Therefore, white rust is the warning of a poor storage environment which should be handled immediately.


#1 Storage Requirements for Users


For end users, they must pay special attention when storing the galvanized steel coil. The detailed measures are as follows:

1) Do not immerse galvanized steel coil in water;

2) Store galvanized steel coil in a well-ventilated place. Keep it away from the area with a large temperature difference or where moisture condensation easily occurs;

3) If the galvanized steel coil is immersed by dew or water, it should be dried immediately. Or open the package to ventilate it with an electric fan.



#2 Storage Requirements for Manufacturers


For galvanized steel coil manufacturers, galvanized steel coil products should be stored in a well-ventilated area. In the season of high humidity and large temperature difference, drying machine or drying oven can be used to prevent moisture condensation.



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