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Introduction of Suspended Scaffolding / Swing Stage Scaffolding



Spider is the pioneer of the suspended scaffolding system and began designing and manufacturing this equipment more than six decades back. They have expanded their umbrella by manufacturing and adapting their suspended scaffolding products to suit the needs of the ever-changing market. Hence, they continue to lead the suspended scaffolding market. The spider keeps its customers satisfied by offering them both sale and rental options from 25 locations across North and South America.


The suspended scaffolding system has eight types of which an adjustable two point swing stage scaffold is the most popular. Suspension scaffold is another commonly used term for this popular scaffolding system which is a very cost-effective and flexible option in rooftop projects and industrial installation. Although this article is going to look into the different types and components of suspended scaffolding systems, it will focus primarily on the swing stage scaffold.


A swing stage scaffold has cables/wires connected to hangers/stirrups on each end of its platform. These cables support the suspended scaffold. An electric motor is used to raise or lower the platform according to the requirement of the situation. Although they can be configured in various ways for different purposes, swing stage suspended scaffolds are normally employed by companies that are involved in facade restoration of high rise structures.



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