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Why Construction Manager Choose to Use Aluminum Alloy Formwork?



Large bearing capacity: ensure construction safety

The aluminum formwork system is composed of aluminum alloy plates. After the system assembly, a whole frame is formed. The bearing capacity of aluminum alloy formwork is up to 30-40kn per square meter.


Early formwork removal: cost reduction

The aluminum formwork adopts the early dismantling technology, which can complete the whole construction with 1 set of formwork and 3-4 sets of support.


Fewer support poles: easy to manage on-site

In the traditional construction method, the formwork construction technology such as floor slab and platform generally adopts full hall support, which costs a lot of labor and materials. On the other hand, there are relatively few supporting rods on the site of supporting die of aluminum formwork (one with an independent supporting interval of 1200mm is adopted), which has large operation space, personnel passage, smooth material handling and easy site management.


No fire, no rust: reduce safety hazards and material wastage

Aluminum alloy formwork will not catch fire, there is no fire safety hazard. Also not rust, easy to keep.



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