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What Factors Should Be Paid Attention to During Flange Installation?



In order to ensure that the installed flange will not cause oil leakage, what factors should be paid attention to during flange installation?


First, the flange should have sufficient strength and should not be deformed when tightened during the flange installation. The flange sealing surface should be clean, and the oil and rust should be carefully removed during flange installation.


Second, the gasket should have good oil and aging resistance, as well as good elasticity and mechanical strength. The cross-section and size of the gasket should be based on the shape of the joints, and the gasket has to be placed correctly.


Third, the flange tightening force should be uniform and the compression of the rubber gasket should be controlled at about 1/3. Besides, flange maintenance is also pretty important for preventing damage caused by leakage.


And do you know what are the main principles for selecting a flange? We concluded as follows: Slip-on flanges are used for pipes with a design temperature of 300 °C and a nominal pressure of less than or equal to 2.5 MPa. While weld neck flanges are used for pipes with a design temperature larger than 300 °C or a nominal pressure larger than or equal to 4.0 MPa.



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