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Effect of Aluminum Formwork on Construction Cost and Quality



The proportion of formwork in the construction cost is not large, but it is the most space-saving and cost-effective turnover material. I hope that this article can help you to see the development, construction, and labor companies, improve quality, reduce costs, take fewer detours, and build more projects.


First of all, starting from the aluminum formwork, after all, the aluminum concrete forms is now hot, and there are many friends concerned.


The aluminum formwork replaces the traditional formwork, square wood, and steel pipe, which is equivalent to the formwork and support system. This product does not appear in China for a long time.


The following are some advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum formwork collected by ADTO GROUP through interviews with users, etc., for the reference of interested friends.





1. Industrial standard production, quality is relatively stable.

2. Precise determination, high bearing capacity, relatively stable concrete forming.

3. Skillful workers have high construction efficiency.

4. Can be equipped with a quick-release system, less on-site garbage.

5. The number of turnovers is high, can be recycled and refurbished.




1. The cost is high, and the one-time investment is large. Even if it is rented, the cost is high.

2. After the deformation is difficult to repair, repair the trouble, generally a small deformation will lead to a large piece affected.

3. Workers must have corresponding construction techniques, otherwise, the efficiency is low and the effect is poor.

4. Aluminum alloy surface and concrete are prone to oxidative corrosion, resulting in bubbles affecting concrete molding.

5. The energy consumption of electrolytic aluminum production is large, and oily release agent is required for use.



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