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Changes Bring to Construction Sites By ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding



Construction sites are usually considered to have nothing to do with neat and beautiful. In peoples’ common impression, they are the symbol of dirty, disorder, and bad environment. The impression is not changed until the ringlock scaffolding is invented.


Let’s take a look at the following cases, which will certainly overturn your impression on construction sites.




①“West Lake Resort” Hotel and “New Macao” Hotel located in Hanuk Port, Cambodia.



ADTO ringlock scaffolding using in Cambodia


Application Products: ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding, Early Removal Formwork, Adjustable Column Formwork.

 ADTO ringlock scaffolding using to construction




②Infrastructure Construction Site in Puyang, Henan Province.



Application Products: ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding.





③Overpass Construction Project in Beijing. 



Application Products: ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding






④Transportation Pub Construction Project in Lanzhou.



Application Products: ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding






⑤Malgev Project in Changsha


Application Products: ADTO Ringlock Scaffolding



And other construction projects using ADTO ringlock scaffolding




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