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ADTO Thread and Profile Rolling Machines



Engineering innovations and experience led to advantages in cold rolling thread manufacturing technology. There are useful processes and machines for nearly every rotation-symmetric profile today. The ADTO Thread Rolling Machines are outstanding in terms of workpiece quality requirement, the possibility of connection to an automated handling system and output.


Characteristics of the ADTO Thread Rolling Machines are:

#1 a statically and dynamically very stiff iron cast C-frame

#2 best accessibility to open work area for insertion and extraction of parts

#3 best accessibility during the changeover

#4 Rolling force from 50kN to 1000kN

#5 Infeed and through-feed rolling

#6 a drive and control system created for operator needs


 What about its advantages? we listed it as below


Reliable refers to high flexible One-Slide Machines for Thread rolling and Profile rolling. This thread rolling machine type features a rugged design, easily operated equipment, and mechanisms.



Economical One- and Two-Slide Thread Rolling machines and Profile Rolling machines for connection into serial production and unrestricted automation. Economical - because of the lowest rolling times in connection with the ability to be automated.


3-Rolls Thread Rolling Machines

The 3-Rolls Thread Rolling machines, developed for rolling of hollow parts, satisfy with a high rolling quality resulting from centered positioning of parts and symmetric 3-side load due to usage of 3 Rolling Dies. 



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